• All your equipment statistics right at your fingertips.

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    Wind speed


    The gauges are displaying live data collected from a Phoenix Sentry Monitor that has been configured as a weather station at our corporate headquarters located in Farmington, NY in the heart of the Finger Lakes region

  • Sample Installation at a Wastewater Lift Station

  • What is Phoenix?

    PhoenixSentry™ is a complete end-to-end system providing you the ability to monitor almost anything from anywhere.

  • Why should I use Phoenix?

    The PhoenixSentry™ system enables users to keep tabs on critical operational and functional information about nearly any piece of equipment, installation or process imaginable.

  • Standard Applications

    • Water Treatment Facilities
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Commercial Equipment Monitoring
    • Utility Substations
    • Homeland Security Applications
    • Energy Monitoring

  • How can I benefit from Phoenix?

    PhoenixSentry™ system will save you time and money as well as increase your peace of mind as to what your equipment is doing at any given time.



How PhoenixSentry Works

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